Learn from PMs from Google and LinkedIn

"Product Mastermind is a team you can trust because of their unique talent in product innovation and learning design."

Raj Bhargava

Group VP of Product at Oracle, Stanford Lecturer

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One-of-a-kind program for aspiring PMs

We were in your shoes, struggling to pivot into product management from non-tech, non-product backgrounds.


After landing our dream jobs as product managers at Google and LinkedIn, we put all of our learnings about PM job search into Product Mastermind, a 8-week program to help aspiring product managers land their dream PM jobs. 

We will teach you exactly how to approach your PM job search and interview preparation. You will join a cohort of like-minded peers and learn by doing via interactive case discussions, workshops, and mock practices.


After graduation, you will have 6 months of ongoing support from the instructors through regular check-ins and unlimited AMAs with instructors on our private channel.  

Program curriculum

Week 1  

Orientation & Job search strategy 

Live session #1

(Wed, 6 - 8pm PT)

  • Apply the M-V-P framework to set yourself up for success in PM recruitment

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses and identify the right PM roles for you

  • Set up an effective job search system to maximize outcome

Live session #2

(Sat, 10 - 11:15am PT)

  • Craft a compelling, relevant PM resume and receive direct feedback

  • Define your job search strategy and create an action plan

Week 2 
Behavioral questions & Personal storytelling

Live session #1

(Wed, 6 - 8pm PT)

  • Learn the principles of compelling narratives and personal storytelling

  • Identify your superpower as a product manager

  • Practice elevator pitch to get product interviews without prior product experience

Live session #2

(Sat, 10 - 11:15am PT)

  • In-class mock: PM behavioral questions

  • Get real-time feedback based on interview evaluation checklist

Week 3  

Master Product Framework & Favorite product 

Live session #1

(Wed, 6 - 8pm PT)

  • Apply the Master Product Framework to tackle any PM interview question  

  • Practice thinking and speaking like a seasoned PM

  • Real-world product case study

Live session #2

(Sat, 10 - 11:15am PT)

  • In-class mock: Favorite product questions

  • Nail your favorite product questions with deep product insights

Week 4    

Product design

Live session #1

(Wed, 6 - 8pm PT)

  • Facilitated discussion to answer a product design interview question

    • User segments and pain points

    • Prioritization framework

    • MVP features

  • Hands-on challenge: Storyboarding and wireframing

Live session #2

(Sat, 10 - 11:15am PT)

  • In-class mock: Product design questions

  • Get real-time feedback based on interview evaluation checklist

Week 5    

Product strategy

Live session #1

(Wed, 6 - 8pm PT)

  • Facilitated discussion to answer a product strategy question

    • Insights on industry trend and competitive landscape 

    • 4C Competitive Advantage framework 

    • Growth and monetization strategies

  • Hands-on challenge: Writing a strategy doc

Live session #2

(Sat, 10 - 11:15am PT)

  • In-class mock: Product strategy questions 

  • Get real-time feedback based on interview evaluation checklist

Week 6 

Product metrics

Live session #1

(Wed, 6 - 8pm PT)

  • Facilitated discussion to answer a product metric question

    • Defining success metrics

    • Metric diagnosis 

  • Hands-on challenge: Designing an A/B experiment

Live session #2

(Sat, 10 - 11:15am PT)

  • In-class mock: Product metrics questions

  • Get real-time feedback based on interview evaluation checklist

Week 7  

Product execution

Live session #1

(Wed, 6 - 8pm PT)

  • Facilitated discussion to answer a product launch question

    • Product launch planning with execution excellence

    • Go-to-market strategy

  • Hands-on challenge: Creating a GTM plan 

Live session #2

(Sat, 10 - 11:15am PT)

  • In-class mock: Product execution questions

  • Get real-time feedback based on interview evaluation checklist

Week 8
Cross-functional collaboration & First 90-day ramp-up

Live session

(Wed, 6 - 8pm PT)

  • How to lead a cross-functional team as a first-time PM

  • Best practice for PM interview prep

  • How to ramp up in your first 90 days

  • Graduate with your Product Mastermind certificate

Should I apply?

This program was built as a springboard for aspiring product managers.

  • You plan to commit 5 - 10 hours a week during the program timeframe, including attending live sessions, reviewing course materials, and working on homework

  • You plan to seek for a PM role in the next 3 - 12 months 

  • You are community-minded and enjoy learning with others

  • No prior PM work or interview experience is required

  • No location preference. The live sessions are taught 100% online

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Upcoming courses

Q4 2021 program 

10/13 - 12/8/2021

Wed 6 - 8pm, Sat 10 - 11:15am, Pacific Time


Q1 2021 program 

1/27 - 3/17/2021

Every Wed and Sat, 6 - 8pm, Pacific Time

Sold out

Q3 2020 program 

7/25 - 9/20/2020

Sold out

Meet our alumni


Sergei Bekeshkin
Product Manager, Cisco

I like the high quality learning materials that cover all kinds of PM interview questions and a strong sense of community. The program is well structured, insightful and fun.


Ryan Surveski

Product Manager, Plaid

This program gave me a lot of confidence going through the interview process and ultimately allowed me to land two great PM offers and hit the ground running on my new job.


Aisha Sharif

APM, LinkedIn

I started this course with the goal of becoming a PM. The course really gave me the tools I needed to land there. I will be starting my first PM job in January.

Our alumni are product managers or senior product managers at

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100% money back guarantee


If you are not totally satisfied with our courses for any reason, simply contact us anytime during the first 7 days of the program at hello@productmastermind.io, for a prompt and courteous refund of your full payment. No questions asked. 

At Product Mastermind, we want you to know that your purchase is 100% risk free. 

Frequently asked questions


What is the application process like?

We appreciate every application we receive at Product Mastermind and will review them carefully in the order that it’s received. We receive hundreds of applications for each cohort so it may take some time for us to get back to you with a final decision. Once we reach a decision for your application, you will be notified via email. If you are admitted, you are required to make the payment to secure your spot.

Is there an application deadline?

We limit our cohort size to maximize your learning. Our seats usually fill up quickly. Admission will be on a rolling basis so we would encourage you to put in your application as soon as possible.

What are the admission criteria for Product Mastermind?

We select applicants based on your motivation to land a product management job, professional and education background, and community awareness. First, your commitment to the program is key to your success. Based on our experience, members who actively participate in the program are more likely to achieve their career goals. We look for applicants who are excited about putting in the work to develop their product management skills. Second, it’s our mission to make product management careers more accessible. Product Mastermind welcomes applicants from different education and professional backgrounds. Having said that, landing a product management job is not easy. Applicants who can demonstrate interest in technology products and dedication to developing product skills are usually preferred. Third, Product Mastermind is a program designed around community. We look for applicants who enjoy learning with others and are willing to support others in the community by providing constructive feedback, participating in discussions and conducting peer mocks.

What is the cancellation policy?

For the Q4 2021 program, we honor a full refund for any cancellations received before 10/19/2021, 11:59pm PT.


How much commitment do I have to make to get the most out of the program?

You should expect to commit at least 5 hours a week to the program to get the most of this learning experience. Our most successful members often spend 8-10 hours per week. We understand that life happens and that your capacity may vary throughout the program. We try to build in flexibility in our program as much as possible to work with your schedule. We encourage participants to be intentional with their time and energy before applying for the program and properly allocate resources to get the most of the program and the community available. You get out what you put in.

What happens if I miss a live session?

We trust that you are self-motivated to allocate proper time and energy into your personal growth journey. Since our program is highly interactive, if you have to miss a live session, please notify us 24 hours in advance so that we can make proper arrangements. With advanced notice, we will provide you with a 7-day access to the recording of the session you missed.


What can I expect to take away from the time spent on this program?

Before we answer this question, we’d love for you to also think about this question for yourself: Why are you excited about this program and what are you hoping to get out of it? Our intention is to give you structure, personalized feedback, and a community to keep you accountability, support and challenge you to grow as you navigate your journey into your first product management role.

Since the program is catered toward so many diverse members with different years of experience, should I be worried that some of the content may not be as relevant to me?

As learner designers, we care deeply about providing personalized learning experience to each one of you. As most of you are first-time product managers, we built the course content without requiring our members to have prior product knowledge. At the same time, we will dive deep into product concepts and industry sights to help you go from good to great. We believe that while our candidates may come in with different years of working experience, from different areas of expertise, everyone has some wisdom and insights to offer. We trust that everyone comes into the community with shared values of learning and growth and hence no matter where you are in your career and life, there is always room to learn from others.

At the end of the program, how do I know if I am ready for a product management interview?

First of all, we will provide you with an evaluation checklist for each lesson. Based on the checklist, your practice partner and sometimes instructors will give you holistic feedback on your performance. Additionally, you will also get a good sense of how well you are doing by participating in and observing the live mocks during classes. You can see how other aspiring product managers answer typical PM interview questions and learn from their answers and class debrief. Lastly, don’t hesitate to reach out to instructors or your peers for specific feedback on your interview readiness. We are here to help!

How do you measure the success of your program?

Your success is our success. Our northstar metric is really how many of you land your dream PM job within 12 months after going through our program. We also look at other aspects such as your learning experience, program engagement, and relationship building to measure success as secondary metrics.


Will I get a chance to work on a side project as part of this program to demonstrate my product skills to future employers?

Even though side projects are not the main focus of this program, your instructors are happy to support you to work on a user problem and write your own product specs or build a prototype. You may reach out to us on Slack should you have a question when working on your side project.

Who are other participants of this program?

We carefully select candidates based on intent of getting into product management, the diverse perspectives they can bring into the program, and a willingness and enthusiasm to bring others in the community along with them in their growth journey. Our members are typically aspiring product managers or junior PMs looking to advance to a better PM opportunity.

Who may not be the right fit for the program?

There are many reasons why someone may not be the right fit for the program. Here are some common examples: 1. You have an extremely busy schedule due to professional or personal commitment, which prevents you from committing 5 - 10 hours a week to the program. Product Mastermind is an intensive program and we want to make sure you get the most of your investment. We recommend you apply at a later time if time commitment is a concern. 2. You expect to land a product management job through this program without putting in the hard work. This is not a program that teaches you tricks to hack into your next PM job. We provide structure to accelerate your learning but you need to be willing to make all the efforts to become a great PM. 3. You are still early in our career exploration, e.g. still deciding if product management is the right career for you. Our goal is to provide you with actionable guidance to jumpstart your product management career. You may find the program less relevant if you would like to simply gather more information about product management.